John Hayden

  1. USH
  2. Second Harvest
  3. Vessel
  4. IDEA: Virtual Exhibition
  6. Stadtterassen
  7. Bento Bench
  8. Umgang mit Duft
  9. Interlocking pattern
  10. Have some fun

MOKIT (Studio) 
  1. Mobile Space
  2. No Talent Shop
  3. Fuzziness
  4. Von Herzen aus Idlib
  5. Parade Créole
  6. The Gate
  7. Luum
  8. Layer
  9. One tow too one
  10. Mobile Urban Kitchen
  11. Furniture

John Hayden is a versatile industrial designer from Germany and co-founder of MOKIT, with a passion for innovative and functional design. With a keen eye for detail and a penchant for creative problem-solving, John's work is characterized by a balance of technical proficiency and artistic ingenuity.


2. Vessel

by:            John Hayden
year:         2022

            Vessel explores the potential of rammed earth as a sustainable alternative to traditional building and manufacturing materials. The project investigates various factors such as moisture ratios, compaction time, and intensity of subsoil, as well as alternative stabilizers to cement. In addition, the project tests the use of a furnace combined with glazing to increase the durability of the rammed earth. Vessel is an ongoing material experiment with the goal of finding innovative ways to utilize rammed earth and contribute to sustainable design practices. 


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