John Hayden

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  2. Second Harvest
  3. Vessel
  4. IDEA: Virtual Exhibition
  6. Stadtterassen
  7. Bento Bench
  8. Umgang mit Duft
  9. Interlocking pattern
  10. Have some fun

MOKIT (Studio) 
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  2. No Talent Shop
  3. Fuzziness
  4. Von Herzen aus Idlib
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  6. The Gate
  7. Luum
  8. Layer
  9. One tow too one
  10. Mobile Urban Kitchen
  11. Furniture

John Hayden is a versatile industrial designer from Germany and co-founder of MOKIT, with a passion for innovative and functional design. With a keen eye for detail and a penchant for creative problem-solving, John's work is characterized by a balance of technical proficiency and artistic ingenuity.


8. Umgang mit Duft

by:                          John Hayden
exhibition:              Vienna Design Week 2019 
year:                       2019

            The incentive for dedicating a whole project to the topic of fragrance was the intangible nature of smell and its significant subconscious influence on us. The objects in this project are tools designed to be used as part of a ritual that can be performed alone or in a group. Through different steps, the tools are used to separate the physical form of an object of choice, leaving only its scent. By interacting with an object and its smell in different ways, the ritual creates a deviation from the usual way of experiencing scent. This ritual invites people to pause and consciously engage with one aspect of an object in its entirety, creating a different perception of its meaning.


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