Vision of a car free city

The focus of the Project ''Stadtterassen'' lies in the transformation of our cities which need sustainable public space to increase our overall living quality. The project's main aspect lies on the transformation of public space currently dominated by cars.
Our team identified the Norddeutsche Straße as a typical road primarily used for housing, located in the north German city of Kiel. We used this road as an example of what public space in urban areas might look like in the near future.
To increase our understanding of the space we generated pictures of the road without cars occupying the public space which resulted in a vast area of collective space.
The “Stadtterassen” concept provides the citizens with park-like areas which are slightly lower than the main pathways, this creates an environment in which the design does not dictate interaction but rather encourages the creative use of public space. Nature plays a key role in the design and is used strategically to communicate the space to the surrounding city. A large silver poplar acts as a signal, meeting point, and holds information concerning the transformed area while also creating being a recognizable icon. A community house next to the poplar encourages social interaction and gives the residents space to coordinates neighborhood activities. Vegetable patches along the side of the ''Stadtterassen'' also aim at increasing social interactions while simultaneously creating a new awareness of public space and how we interact with it.
The project is not to be understood as an answer or solution to the complex problems our society faces but rather creates a visual language of what the future of public space could be.

by:                         John Hayden, Jonathan Pohl-Hannemann,
                                  Paul Ulrich, Erik Mantz-Hansen

prof.:                     Detlef Rhein
year:                     2020