Second Harvest

A new way of storing fresh produce

To improve not only our planet‘s but our own health as well, in the near future, we will be relying more on fruit and vegetables. Recent studies have found that fruit and vegetables, stored at conditions, similar to their growth climate, preserve up to 70% more vitamins and retain their taste compared to refrigerator storage. While seasonal temperatures can preserve the real freshness of the produce, they do not assure longevity. That however can be achieved with Carbon Dioxide. With CO2, fresh produce can be kept six times longer than in a refrigerator without significant nutritional loss. 
In our product, a storage atmosphere with seasonal temperatures retains the nutrients and taste of fresh produce while extending its shelf-life through CO2 storage. 
A metal organic framework filter is capable of capturing and releasing carbon dioxide with little energy. The saturated filter is at the core of the new storage system. 
With the help of UV light, the ideal CO2 concentration is created, paired with perfect temperature and humidity for preserving seasonal produce. 
Closing the drawer activates the release of CO2. To assure the carbon dioxide stays in the system it cannot be opened before it is safely recaptured. This process is activated by slightly turning a valve. In a few seconds, the CO2 is filtered out and the drawer is unlocked, presenting the fresh produce, waiting for its second harvest.

by:                         John Hayden, Feidi Hu, Kalina Kondeva,
                                  Erik Mantz-Hansen, Paul Ullrich

prof.:                    Detlef Rhein
year:                     2021
Awards:               Siemens Design Award 2022 (finalist)