Parade Créole

exhibition design

Parade Créole is an exhibition which launches artistic dress by Felisha Maria, based on Anna Muthesius’ Das Eigenkleid der Frau and Frantz Fanon’s White Skin, Black Masks. Co-curated by Katharina Kenklies, the launch features works and interventions by Asambura Ensemble, David Dollmann, Merle Mischke Klee, Takashi Sonoda, †een▲ge g☺d and Maque Pereyra of Yoggaton.

Artist Felisha Maria used MOKIT for her exhibition ’Eigenkleider for Colonised Bodies’.
By creating ‘Artistic Dress’ – Eigenkleider – for herself and three other creatives from the Caribbean Diaspora, she is trying to subvert the idea of the creation of a scene of public violence. In the inevitable Spectacle of the colonial body’s navigation of oppressive capitalist societies, Masquerade is used as a tool in the public negotiation of identity whereby new, purchased narratives are created. 
A dynamic structure from MOKIT activates the garment-like object, thereby making possible an infinite number of sculptural forms.

The Creature Preparing (Eigenkleid Prototype), 2021
 Cotton, Ashwood, Nylon. Dimensions variable.

by:                                  Felisha Maria
scenography:            John Hayden
year:                              2021
visuals:                         Svetlana Grigorieva, Felisha Maria