John Hayden

  1. USH
  2. Second Harvest
  3. Vessel
  4. IDEA: Virtual Exhibition
  6. Stadtterassen
  7. Bento Bench
  8. Umgang mit Duft
  9. Interlocking pattern
  10. Have some fun

MOKIT (Studio) 
  1. Mobile Space
  2. No Talent Shop
  3. Fuzziness
  4. Von Herzen aus Idlib
  5. Parade Créole
  6. The Gate
  7. Luum
  8. Layer
  9. One tow too one
  10. Mobile Urban Kitchen
  11. Furniture

John Hayden is a versatile industrial designer from Germany and co-founder of MOKIT, with a passion for innovative and functional design. With a keen eye for detail and a penchant for creative problem-solving, John's work is characterized by a balance of technical proficiency and artistic ingenuity.


6. LU´UM

by:                                 LU´UM Collectiv
year:                              2021

The open collective LU’UM consists of architects, urban practitioners and artists. Their practice focuses on designing, building, researching and curating spaces of encounter to find ways of how transdisciplinary perspectives can affect the way we perceive, engage and interact with the space that surrounds us. Their approach is characterised by an open, process-oriented way of working, in which learning from another is central.

They use MOKIT in their work to draft quick ideas and temporary scenography.


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